A Scientific Review on fraudulent Banking Activities

Edited by a dependent of government officials, representing financial, and legal governmental concerns (Thank you for appreciating that several constituent parts are  under way)

A Scientific Review in terms of a Dispatch, disclosing intentionally undermining of Peace on behalf of the German government

Index of Topics:

1.0 Scholarly Definition "Conspiracy"
2.0 Parties involved
3.1 The Indictment
3.2 Prima Facie Evidence
4.0 Serving the Purpose
5.0 Assemblying historical Facts/
    Methodus ad facilem historiarum cognitionem
6.0 Recommendations


1.0 Scholarly Definition
A Conspiracy is a Secret Collusion, and which is intended in accomplishing a plan. A further
criterion, and a further striking characteristic, Secret Collusions rest on deception.

2.0 Parties involved
The German government together with European Aristocracies (1st Layer), and their accomplices
Affluent Coteries (2nd Layer), and their accomplices
Certain Governmental Bodies (3rd Layer), and their accomplices

3.1 The Indictment
Deception within the limits of Banking Systems, and criminal prosecutions relating
the punishment of Holocaust inter alia, to thwart proper investigations 

3.2 Prima Facie Evidence
Collating article 12 section 1 German basic law, which is operative part of the
German constitution, and certain U.N. Resolution, article 5 section e(i) CERD,

"prohibit and bring to an end racial discrimination by any persons, group or
organization / equality in the enjoyment of the right to work / states parties shall
assure effectiv remedies."

Explicitly, the German constitution admits the right to free choice of education,
or profession to German fellow citizens only.
Although CERD had been opened up for Signature in 10 Feb 1967, and Ratification in
16 May 1969 by the state Party Germany, article 12 German basic law is still
operative part of the German constitution. I have been investigating the question why.

Quotation of Reference
A) Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
Status of Ratification

B) Federal Ministry of Justice of Germany (Exctract of the German constitution)

C) Netherlands Institute of Human Rights/ Utrecht School of Law

Actual Ascertainment A
Contrary to every command relating the exctinction of data processing by means of
Microsoft Word, the program still records every deleted data in the core of a *doc.-file.

Actual Ascertainment B
Beyond that, the program turns out further files for the purpose of collateral recording
with reference to data processing, which has been explicitly deleted.

Actual Ascertainment C
Beyond that,

Actual Ascertainment D
Beyond that,

4.0 Serving the Purpose
5.0 Methodus ad facilem historiarum cognitionem
6.0 Recommendations



Substituting an interfering transmitter:

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